Community Pastors is a partnership project across Thanet Churches. It is a bringing together of Christian volunteers from across many denominations to serve a common purpose - to put the Church back into the heart of our communities by listening to, engaging with and genuinely caring for people's well being on the streets late on weekend nights.

Our aim is to signpost anyone in need to a place of support and safety and for those most vulnerable, provide safe passage home. Call us Angels or Aunties and Uncles on the streets... we're there to listen, to bring a calmness to a situation, offer assistance to anyone on their own - and to hand out the occasional pair of flip flops, if they're needed!

Latest News

Lloyds Bank Community Fund

I am really excited to announce that we have been shortlisted for a Lloyds Bank Community Fund award. £3,000 is on offer to the community group that secures most votes before 10th October 2014. Three further grants … 

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